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(201) 995-3290 Northern New Jersey Gail Tenney Certified Dog Trainer-Behavior Consultant-Holistic Pet Educator

What is Holistic Training Anyway? In simple terms, holistic training looks at the “whole dog”. This training includes working with the dog’s Mind, Body and Spirit……All of which are extremely important to create a well-balanced animal. Diet/Nutrition, Weight, Exercise, Mental Stimulation, Emotional Health, and Relationship are all key elements that are considered with the “holistic training approach”. These elements work synergistically together to support your pets’ physical/emotional needs within the training process.

Odie & Scout

...."Gail is a highly qualified dog trainer and immediately won the respect of my husband and me. She was invaluable in getting our two dog’s trained using positive reinforcement. Gail quickly taught us that positive reinforcement is much more effective that traditional training. I have been so pleased with the results of Gimme a Paw Training, that I have referred her to many of my friends......Andrea Neumann, Glen Rock, NJ


....."after having tried other trainers without success, I was fortunate to have met you. There is no doubt that you are a certified expert in the field of positive reinforcement dog obedience training and more. You were professional, patient and kind when dealing with Leo and me......" Eloise Melillo, Mahwah NJ


...."I was totally impressed at the advice that Gail Tenney gave and how fast my dog calmed down. I would recommend Gail Tenney to anyone. I want to thank her for her caring and her time to make me understand my dog better. She is a lifesaver. She can give me advice anytime and I will follow it..." Elise and Daisy, Ramsey, NJ